• Read over our funding criteria, our about page, values and check out the groups we have previously funded. These pages should give you a very good idea about whether you are eligible or not. If you still have any questions please get in touch.

  • Edge Fund values self-determination and only funds groups led by affected communities. Therefore unless a group focussing on sex work is led by those involved in sex work, we would be unlikely to fund it. In the past, we have funded sex worker-led organisations (see our list of previously funded groups.) When we consulted sex worker representatives in our network about the ‘Nordic Model’, they told us that this approach is not something sex workers themselves advocate for. We would like to create a sex worker Advisory Committee to review applications such as these (and would welcome support in creating one), but in the meantime we are likely to remove any applications promoting the Nordic Model on this basis. The exception would be if we were to receive a proposal promoting this approach from a group of sex workers.

  • Yes, we are pro-sex work. In the past we have funded a few sex worker-led organisations, including the Sex Worker Open University and Sex Worker Breakfasts - see our list of previously funded groups.

  • We do not typically fund Social Enterprises or Community Interest Companies. This is not due to the registered status of these groups, but rather the types of work they undertake. We do not fund the delivery of services or general operating costs. Edge Fund was established to fund radical, political activities, such as protests. We don’t fund anything that is traditionally charitable, or able to receive support from traditional sources (such as charitable foundations.) The activities of Social Enterprises and Community Interest Companies are therefore unlikely to get funded. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

  • We rarely fund charities for a few reasons. Firstly they tend to not have radical aims, being constrained as they are by the charities legislation on politics and campaigning activity. To use an example from government guidance on charities and political activity: “A charity may choose to focus most, or all, of its resources on political activity for a period. The key issue for charity trustees is the need to ensure that this activity is not, and does not become, the reason for the charity’s existence.”. Also, they tend to be able to access a greater range of funding opportunities than the majority of groups we fund, which are unconstituted informal groups with a low average income. Our members also tend to prefer organisations that devote all their time to campaigning and political activity, and so score them more highly than most charities that apply.

  • You will usually find out in about 9 or 10 weeks from the closing date of the funding round. Keep a look out for the funding timeline usually published on our website.

  • Yes, we do.

  • Our funding rounds take around 4 months, so it should be possible to get a bank account in this time. We would strongly recommend that you try to get a bank account sorted before you receive your grant. However, if for some reason it is not possible, please get in touch and we will try to arrange to pay a grant either into a personal or other organisations account.