Round 15

Funding round 15: October - December 2023

In this round, we distributed £40k to 40 groups in equal grants: £1k each.

These are some of the 40 grassroots groups who were funded (click on the names to go to their social media):


ADHD Parent Support West Glasgow

Geraldine and Tracy established the group in 2014 so that parents could learn together and fight for change for their kids


Black Triangle Anti-defamation campaign in defence of disability rights

Fighting on the front line for justice for disabled people

BP or Not BP?

BP or Not BP? is a merrie troupe of actor-vists kicking oil out of cultural institutions through creative direct action.


Bristol Copwatch

An independent, Bristol-based police monitoring organisation working towards community safety and police accountability.


Bristol Sex Workers Collective

Bswc is a self advocacy and mutual aid group for people in the sex industries.

Captain Support UK

Captain Support works in solidarity with all people criminalised for crossing borders or facilitating freedom of movement.

Cradle Community

Cradle Community is a grassroots, supporting communities and everyday people to build a world without prisons and police.


Devon Transformed

Community of ecosocialist revolutionary creatives using political education festivals to transform the power dynamics in the South West.

 Mad Insight

Mad scholars, activists and pioneers seeking to transform the mental health system


End Deportations Belfast

End Deportations Belfast (EDB) is a group of like-minded people working together around the values of anti- racism, anti-detention and anti-borders.



We make common cause with others protesting against the cost of living crisis, striking for better wages and conditions, etc., getting out on the streets with fliers, stalls, banners, placards, and noise!

Fairer Housing (Brent)

Fairer Housing is the voice of those enduring the housing crisis calling for systemic changes needed to end the crisis.


Filipino Domestic Workers Association UK

Grassroots organisation: aids migrant workers, combats trafficking, supports slavery survivors, and researches migrant issues.


Free University Brighton

We are a cooperative, community-led organisation that provides and promotes free educational events across the City of Brighton & Hove.


Front for the Liberation of Intersex, Non-binary and Trans people

FLINT is an emergent trans membership organisation committed to revolutionary, anti-capitalist and abolitionist aims. Our work involves member defence, solidarity and collective education.


Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group

Self-help collective formed to fight for a better deal for benefit claimants, predominantly unemployed and disabled but anyone on benefits

Magic Us! Black parents of disabled and neurodiverse children and youth in county Durham

We are a voluntary group gathering Black parents and carers of local autistic teens in county Durham. Our aims to give emotional, practical and intellectual tools to our members parenting for children and youth who are on the autistic spectrum in order to enable them, especially those facing barriers in society, like having fewer cultural socio economic opportunities, to create personal hopeful narratives.


Mid Ulster Allotments (Friends of Little Woods)

Environmentalist and food poverty campaigner


Migrant Women Press

Migrant Women Press is an independent media focused on women’s experiences with migration. We are migrant women-led, written exclusively by migrant women.


No Borders Manchester

No Borders Manchester is a grassroots collective working in solidarity with migrant and refugee communities.


North East Spicy Coffee Collective

We are a collective of sex workers based in North East England that meet monthly to share resources.

Our Streets Now

A campaign demanding the right of women, girls and marginalised genders to be safe in public space. Two sisters, 15 and 21, spoke about how they experience the world as young women.
About feeling afraid walking home at night.
About being harassed in their school uniform.
About how their lives were restricted by the fear of harassment.


People's Land Policy

The People’s Land Policy is a project to develop discussion and debate about what kind of land reform we need. By bringing together a range of people to discuss land and the issues that affect them we hope to contribute to the building of a broad-based, radical movement for land reform.

A key part of our work is to consider what we would like to see in a Land Reform Act for England and Wales, learning from the Scottish experience. We would also like to work with land campaigners in Scotland in order to develop UK-wide legislation that would enable radical land reform.


Plymouth Hub for Climate Justice

We are campaigning to end CO2 emissions and for climate justice by building grassroots agitation in Plymouth & surrounding areas.

Queer Refugees Unite (QRU)

QRU is a member led group, supporting lesbian and bisexual women and trans and non-binary people seeking asylum.


resting up collective

resting up collective is an interdisciplinary group of chronically ill and disabled friends practising slowness/crip time to create.


Revolutionary Reparations

A global campaign for reparations from enslavement and colonialism, and a pathway to systemic political, economic and social change.


Sheffield Radical Pride

We’re a queer grassroots group organising by and for ourselves to re-claim Pride as a protest through mutual aid, police abolition and decolonisation.
We’re not asking permission to take up space in our city as we fight for our collective liberation.
The Queer community doesn’t exist until we build it.

Sheffield Solidarity Group

Throughout history in times of class struggle, the student movement has acted before the worker's movement. We want to strengthen the links of solidarity between workers in struggle against their employer and students in Sheffield.

Student Cost of Living Campaign

We aim to unite students and workers in a fight against the cost of living crisis and for the future of education

SYMAAG- South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group-SYMAAG

SYMAAG is a migrant-led organisation, different nationalities, including people with lived experience of the asylum system, researchers, political activists, and
Stop Detention/Deportation Refugees, Asylum Rights, Children, Migrants, Health, Anti- Racism, Making solidarity /network


The Dyke Project

The Dyke Project is a direct action group open to anyone who identifies as a dyke. The Dyke Project was founded to oppose the transphobic narrative that trans lesbians don’t exist and that trans women pose a “threat” to cis lesbians. Building on the proud activist tradition of direct action groups like the Lesbian Avengers, we fight for true queer liberation – free from transphobia or pink-washing.


UNGRIPP campaigns on behalf of the everyone affected by the Indeterminate Sentence for Public Protection (IPP) in England and Wales

Wanderers of Colour

Grassroots community committed to social justice through: increasing access and participation within the outdoors, and an increased understanding of the systematic issues within these.

We Grow

We Grow helps connect local people to other local people, to set up food co-ops and become more self-sufficient.


World Stages Now

World Stages Now  develop creative responses of the need for a change in systemic narratives. We gain support through sharing the work with a wider public audience and though our links within agencies including the City Council. Our mission is to improve the relations and conditions imposed on sanctuary seekers, refugees and migrants living in the city.