Edge Fund values

Edge believes that if we are to create a world free of injustice and inequality we need to completely change the way our societies are organised. These are our values:

  • Lived experience is key

    “Nothing about us without us is for us.” Members score applications, ensuring we fund groups with lived experience of what they seek to change.

  • Challenge conventional funding

    Conventional philanthropy is often dependent on the whims of the wealthy and rarely addresses the root causes of our problems. This needs shaking up!

  • Making funding easier

    Applying to Edge is as straightforward as we can make it, though we’re always looking at ways to remove the hoops both before and after funding.

  • Not separated by difference

    We want to challenge transphobia, homophobia, ableism, racism and sexism. And not only in what we fund, but also how we fund.

  • Inequality disempowers

    We want to dismantle the systems that perpetuate economic injustice and patriarchy

  • The climate emergency is here

    This disproportionately affects those who face other forms of oppression - climate justice and racial justice are needed to address it.