We currently have two Regional Organiser who work three days a week, typically Tuesday to Thursday.

To contact the whole team email [email protected]


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Hannah Ross

(She/her). North England, Scotland and Ireland

I’m an anti-capitalist organiser based in Manchester, primarily focused on disability activism following the social model of disability. By extension I have been involved with anti-austerity and housing activism, supporting young disabled people’s rights and challenging oppressive healthcare structures. I care deeply about how disablement interacts with other marginalised identities. My favourite place to be is dancing at my home away from home, Partisan Collective.

I hope my background will inform all the work I do at Edge Fund. Please get in touch to chat about how Edge Fund can support your organising in Northern England, Scotland and Ireland.

Email: [email protected].





Illary/ Illa Valenzuela Oblitas

(She/her). South England, Midlands and Wales

I have been part of the migrant justice movement for a decade where I've learned from my own Latin American community the multiplicity of models when organising for social justice outside of the Western framework. I am particularly inspired by youth-led movements and have collaborated with a few youth groups to campaign against the Hostile Environment permeating our neighbourhoods and schools. 

About my work at Edge, I view that mobilising resources, redistributing wealth, and engaging in reparations are some of the key areas needed in the philanthropic sector as well as its total abolition.

Contact me for any queries, or comments about groups organising in the regions I cover but especially Wales and the Midlands. 

Email: [email protected]


Core group

Edge Fund is a member-led funding organisation. We rely on our members for every aspect of Edge Fund's work, from scoring, funding and supporting grassroots groups across the UK and Ireland to the day-to-day administration of Edge Fund, handled by our Core Group and Staff. Below you can read more about our CG and why they're active in Edge Fund. If you want to find out more about the work the CG does, or get involved, contact [email protected] or one of the Regional Organisers.


Mijael Jiménez
Nehanda Sankofa 


Margarita Rebolledo 


I lived in communes in the 70’s, and initiated 2 wholefood co-operatives. I have worked as a consultant and trainer in the voluntary sector. I also call myself a wealth activist, because for 40 years I have been bringing together people with wealth to cooperate over giving grants to radical causes. For me the Edge Fund crucially enables decisions about its grants to be made by grassroots activists. My contribution to Edge is currently as Treasurer and member of the Core Group.