Solidarity statement with the fight against racist violence and injustice

Solidarity Statement with the fight against racist violence and injustice in the UK, the United States of America, and globally

Edge Fund stands in solidarity with Afrikan-led (African and Black) movements, and activists in the global fight against racial violence, for reparatory justice for the legacies of enslavement of Afrikans and colonisation of the Afrikan continent. We stand with the global Afrikan community in the demand for radical structural change and an end to the fallacious notion of white supremacy and the privileges conferred on Europeans, racialised as white.

We recognise this fight as an ongoing project of decolonisation. We acknowledge that the detrimental impact of structural racism and racialisation is intrinsic to, and operates in, every strata of white society: arts and culture, criminal justice, education, employment, health and housing.  We acknowledge that real change will only happen when Afrikan people have the power that they have unendingly been denied by white force and brutality, and by insidious global, systemic racism. We recognise that embedded in this project is an end to capitalism, which has long been upheld by the plunder of Afrika, the forced labour and exploitation of Afrikan bodies, to the benefit of white people and uphold white supremacist notions and systems.

We acknowledge the work of all Afrikan groups that have received Edge Fund grants and that have put time and energy into Edge Fund as members. We encourage Afrikan groups who have not been involved with us before to join us as members, to apply for our funds so that wealth can be redistributed to you and you can use it as needed without the pressure of targets or outcomes. Over the coming days we will be reaching out to Afrikan groups who are part of the Edge Fund network, to learn more about how Edge Fund can practically show support and solidarity to you, financially and in other ways.  







In solidarity, Edge Fund.