Rapid Response Fund

Please note we have extended the deadline for the rapid response fund by two weeks - All applications must now be sent in by 5pm on Tuesday 8th September 2020

Following our COVID-19 Emergency Fund, Edge Fund is now launching our first Rapid Response Fund! We will be funding 30 groups with grants of £750 each. Of those, we will be paying special attention to groups doing anti-racist work, and fighting for Black/Afrikan liberation.

This fund is open to all groups that are working towards systemic change, and whose work is in line with Edge Fund's values. We understand that currently, many groups have put their campaigning/systemic change work on hold in order to deal with the effects of the pandemic - this is okay and will not disqualify you for funding.


The deadline for applications is 5pm on Tuesday, 25th of August, 2020. After this, we aim to get back to groups within 3-4 weeks. The application form is also available to download as a Word document on this page, if this format is more accessible to you. 

If you have any difficulties filling this form in, or have any questions you want to ask, please get in touch Melissa on [email protected], or Hannah on [email protected]. You can also call us on 07719 755410.