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Edge believes that if we are to a create world free of injustice and inequality we need to completely change the way our societies are organised. Providing support is not enough. We need to understand the systems and structures that give people the power to abuse others and the planet and then remove them and replace them with an alternative that is equitable, sustainable and just. We realise that this is an enormous task but we can only take this difficult journey together if we know where we are heading and what we are aiming for.

In line with this, and our values statement, we want to prioritise membership of Edge Fund to people who are actively involved in grassroots organising for radical economic, social and ecological transformation. Once completing your membership application, you should hear back from members of Edge Fund’s facilitating group regarding whether your application has been accepted. Groups which have been funded by Edge Fund can also become members of Edge Fund.

If membership doesn't seem like the right fit for your background and experience - there are still other ways you can be involved and support Edge Fund! We rely on monthly and one-off donors, as well as people sharing the news about Edge Fund in their networks and to groups who can apply for funding. If you would like to regularly donate to Edge Fund so we can continue support grassroots groups, you can do so here. If you’d like to be put on our mailing list, you can do so here. You can follow us on twitter here.

As an organisation which funds groups based predominantly in the UK & Ireland, we would also generally refuse membership applications from people based predominantly outside of the UK & Ireland unless there is a special reason for admitting them.

Before signing up, you might want to read the following pages:
- Our values
- Groups we fund, and why we fund them
- How we make decisions
- Testimonials
- Edge Fund Member Roles
- Our privacy policy

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