Our two Regional Organisers work three days a week, typically Monday to Wednesday. To contact the team email

Melissa Céspedes del Sur (South England and Wales)

I’m a South American community organiser and activist based in south London. I’ve been active in anti-racist and feminist organising, also organising with local communities around housing and domestic violence issues. My work is rooted in decolonial and anti-capitalist politics, and you’re likely to find me in a meeting or having a dance. Please get in touch if you’re based in London, South England, or Wales.


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Andrew Nesbitt (North England, Scotland and Ireland)

I'm an organiser based in Manchester, focused on issues facing working class people across the UK - precarious work, austerity, racism, benefit cuts and housing issues. I hope to bring the experience and skills I've gathered from grassroots organising in these areas to my work at Edge Fund. Contact me below to talk about how Edge Fund can help your organising in Northern England, Scotland or across Ireland.