The Outside Project - Edge Fund Testimonial

The Outside Project are LGBTIQ+ colleagues, friends & activists who work in the Homeless sector & have lived experience of homelessness & the unique, complex issues our community face. We volunteered to launch the UK’s first LGBTIQ+ Crisis/Homeless Shelter & Community Centre. We launched publicly at London Pride 2017, campaigning alongside the passionate & talented LGBTIQ+ community of activists & artists.

We provide safe, inclusive spaces for marginalised groups at community events, our own community hub & 10 bed crisis shelter.

The Edge Fund supports our client welfare fund, enabling us to offer those ‘extra’ memorable things that mean so much to our clients, for example: we took a group of our clients to trans pride. It was the first time one of our young trans clients had been around other trans people & we were also able to buy her her first swimming costume.

When resettling a client we were able to provide bedding that they actually chose themselves & their first shop from Sainsbury’s. The Edge Fund will also be used to buy each of our shelter guests a small Christmas gift this year.