LDGA Summary of Funding Round 9

The Edge Fund Funding Day

We recently took part in the funding day hosted by the Edge Fund in Manchester. What made the biggest impression on us was the way the decisions were made - the group voting system was very democratic and combined with the responsibility to spend the money according to the needs of your group, at odds with the hoops that can need to be jumped through for some other funding applications.












We also pointed out the need to understand the difference between Scottish law and English law and gave feedback on the fundraising toolkit Edge Fund are developing. It was good to get a bit of extra time for Ian to explain about our group, this is important to allow a more inclusive discussion.

More than anything else, the stories of other non-mainstream groups, working hard for equality, rights and progress, encouraged the feeling of like-minded souls, forging ahead often the face of overwhelming odds



Groups not doing things for glory, just because they needed action, and carrying things out with the people involved, not “doing to”. The sad thing is that many of these causes are seen as fringe or extreme, when in fact equality respect and human rights are the very least we should expect in a modern compassionate world. 


We look forward to a day when more people don’t sneer but instead listen, understand and get involved in these valuable causes, let’s keep stoking the fire!


Ian and Alastair

The Learning Disability Group of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire