Highlands Against Nuclear Transport - Edge Fund Testimonial

The campaign group Highlands Against Nuclear Transport appreciates the Edge Fund grant received in March 2018 as it has enabled the group to run a variety of awareness events and demonstrations.

It’s also meant we have kept member / supporters informed and made it possible for HANT to be represented at seminars and conferences to publicise the campaign, including meetings of the Dounreay Stakeholder Group and it is also planned to buy large vinyl banners to use at demonstrations

Since the HANT AGM 1 February 2018 HANT has been involved with a joint event “Pop Up Demo” at Inverness Station with the Cromarty Peace Group in September 2018 to highlight the risks of the nuclear trains which pass through Inverness – this demo gained a lot of media coverage and petition post cards were signed by members of the public. We've lobbied Highland Council to become a Nuclear Free Local Authority and to host an event run by NFLA : Nuclear Free Local Authorities. We've held stalls at Green Party and CND conferences and university open days. We've maintained links with other groups, and have publicised reports in local news about the risks posed by nuclear transport.

HANT Funding

HANT's activities have been made possible by a grant from the Edge Fund and HANT would like to acknowledge its thanks for this support, without which HANT wouldn't be able to fund its activities

All Committee members are volunteers but are reimbursed for any travel involved in attending meetings, conferences and planned events

Also the grant will be used to purchase a large vinyl banner which can be used at HANT events and demonstrations.

HANT (Highlands Against Nuclear Transport ) campaigns across the Highlands but because we're a long way from the venues where funding days are held we're unable to attend in person but we fully support the co-operative and community benefit principles implemented by the Edge Fund and the method used to distribute funds.

"People should support the Edge Fund because it is one of the few funders that will fund groups campaigning on controversial issues such as those opposition to nuclear power and weapons."

We believe that our campaign work relates to injustice as the nuclear industry is extremely secretive and denies the public opportunities to challenge such controversial and very risky activities such as transporting nuclear waste from the north of Scotland to Barrow and on to Sellafield.

HANT believes that nuclear power damages the planet and poses unacceptable risks to the environment, the economy, local populations and local economic activity and there is no solution to the long term storage of the increasing amounts of nuclear waste being produced

HANT can't achieve its aims without working with other groups and networking with similar campaign groups and political parties (such as the Scottish Greens & SNP) which support our campaign.

"The Edge Fund grant helps us to make this possible and our thanks are due to the Fund and those who contribute to it."