Funding Round 10 - Misson Springs

This report on our 10th funding day was sent in by Dennis, from Misson Springs, a group campaigning against fracking in Misson Springs, near Doncaster.

The funding day was excellent, and I am really glad I went. I have found that socio-political campaigning is one hell of a personal development program, and the day spent in Liverpool was a great time to reflect on what we are doing and regain some perspective as to why we do it.
One of the key factors of, and lessons taken, from the day was that there was so much common ground between the various causes represented. Louise and I went for a pint with another attendee afterwards, and we all agreed that those campaigns that received the higher funding were well deserving of it, and there was absolutely no resentment or disappointment felt in not being among them; on the contrary, it was humbling to be considered alongside a number of the causes there that day.

Thank you very much for the funding day. It restored my faith to know that there are so many conscientious people acting to prevent evil from succeeding.