Foil Vedanta at Edge Fund Funding Day 10!

Foil Vedanta is a grassroots solidarity group focused primarily on challenging the systematically injust mining practices of British multinational mining giant, Resources, once called the world’s most hated mining company, and one of the largest contributors of CO2. They have operations in Zambia, South Africa, Australia, India and more with plans to continue expansion.

We use our privilege and access as residents of the UK and act as a conduit to disseminate knowledge as a tool of resistance. We aim to strengthen and support the movements by linking communities, through critical research, gathering testimonies and scientific evidence, meeting with lawyers, politicians, calling for true accountability for human rights abuses, illegal operations and ecocide and the transformation of such systems. The funds we secured will go towards sustaining this work, extending outreach and vital updates to our website to maintain the flow of communication. As a grassroots organisation and due to the nature of our work it is a struggle to secure funding that doesn’t come with invasive conditions.


Edge Fund’s application process is simple and transparent. The questions offer a chance for reflection on where your group is at with the work and the team at Edge Fund is easy to reach. It’s clear they trust the groups as the experts to use the money to enhance the work where needed. The funding day brought together activists and organisations from around the country to share their work, successes and challenges. It is one of the few spaces that accommodates so many causes while giving them all equal platform. In addition to the funding, the connections formed here are invaluable.