Edge Fund in 2019!

Edge Fund 2019

In January 2019, we announced our 10th Funding Round, supporting groups to apply to it with application workshops held in Glasgow and London in February. In March we welcomed long time Edge Fund member Aderonke to the Facilitating Group, the group of volunteers who manage the running of Edge Fund. You can read more about our Facilitating group here and email us at [email protected] if you’d like to take part.

Following the work of our Influencing Funders group, we received a grant from Lankelly Chase, so that they could learn more about participatory grant making, shadow and support us in our model of participatory, member-led funding. This grant allowed us to run a funding round, 3 sharing forums and a workshop on fundraising for grassroots groups.

On Saturday 1st June, we held our Round 10 funding day in Liverpool, giving out grants to 30 grassroots groups in the UK & Ireland. You can read more about the day here and here and the amazing groups we funded here.

Groups at our tenth funding round in Liverpool

In July, 27th, we held our Annual General Meeting in London. You can read our annual report for 18/19 here. Members from across the country heard reports about the work our staff members and Facilitating Group had been doing over the past year, and discussed Edge Fund’s work. The following day Edge Fund staff members and Facilitating Group held a training session with Hum, an organisation which encourages decentralised and non-hierarchical decision making. This training was focused on how we can ensure that our decision-making best reflects the values we hold, and how we can improve members participation in Edge Fund.

In August, with the help of a grant from Lankelly Chase, we opened our 11th funding round with over 150 groups applying for funds. Rakesh, a new member of Edge Fund joined the Facilitating Group. In September Natasha, a long time Edge Fund member and Southern Regional Organiser left Edge for pastures new. After interviewing a number of great applicants, we hired our new Southern Regional Organiser - Melissa Cespedes del Sur. Melissa is based in London and has a background in anti-racist and feminist organising, and is currently busy getting stuck-in with everything Edge Fund related.

This year, we brought back the Radical Sharing Forums, a space for activist and grassroots groups to connect, share, and possibly collaborate. We held one in Glasgow on October 12th, alongside Tripod, a facilitating and training collective based in Scotland. We have plans to host more of these in the North and South of England. You can read more about our Glasgow Sharing Forum here









Members at Glasgow Sharing Forum

In November we announced our shortlist for Round 11. The groups we’ll be funding can be found here. Our 11th funding round will take place in Bristol, on the 18th January. Please email us on [email protected] if you’d like to attend. One of our facilitating group members, Isis, took part in the Global Engagement Lab run by the Edge Funders Alliance Europe. She attended the first retreat in Montreal in November. GEL is a six-month international learning, organizing and community-building cohort for funders.

None of this would have been possible without you and if you’d like to learn more about what we’re doing and hear from the groups we’ve supported, check out our news and testimonials.

To maintain our work, we rely on our members and donors giving their time and money to help us, so thank you. Please do stay in touch and remember to tell friends, family and people in your network about us and follow us on Twitter - @theedgefund.

From all of us at Edge Fund, we're sending good wishes to you for the festive season, the new year and all the very best with your organising for a better world!

Andy, Melissa and Edge Fund’s Facilitating Group