DPAC and Edge Fund

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) is a grassroots user–led direct action group, although we also carry out other activities like research, lobbying MPs and councillors, peer support and a host of other things. As well as a national group there are many local groups which operate autonomously around the country.

Most recently we have been removing thousands of Metro newspapers around the country every Wednesday as they have been paid over £250,000 of our money by DWP to publish a series of lies about Universal Credit. We also delivered thousands of these back to Amber Rudd at DWP Head office where our activists were locked into the building by security. 

Edge Fund is one of the few sources of income we have and without this funding neither national or our local groups would be able to undertake as much as we do now and we wouldn’t be able to support our activists to travel to take part in our actions.